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The fellow was a magnificent specimen of manhood--a black counterpart in physique of the splendid white man whom he faced.
The next morning found him refreshed and in considerably less pain, for the powers of recuperation which belonged to his perfect health and mighty physique had already worked an almost miraculous transformation in him.
Well," responded Porthos, "you may imagine, with the physique with which nature has endowed me, I am not in want of good luck.
He is twenty years younger, but has something of the same spare, scraggy physique.
It showed off his magnificent physique to the greatest advantage, and when Ignosi arrived presently, arrayed in a similar costume, I thought to myself that I had never before seen two such splendid men.
Farebrother was too keen a man not to know the meaning of that reply, and there was a certain massiveness in Lydgate's manner and tone, corresponding with his physique, which if he repelled your advances in the first instance seemed to put persuasive devices out of question.
They were a noble-appearing race with well-formed heads and perfect physiques.
Nevertheless, given the consistent evidence that social physique anxiety tends to be higher in women than in men (Eklund et al.
The 31-year-old said: "I entered the bikini class section, which is all about physique and symmetry of the body and wasn't expecting to win so I was really pleased.
WHAT IS IT: Sit ups help strengthen the muscles in your midsection and improve your physique.
The Don't Hold Your Breath hitmaker, who is known for her trim and toned physique, admitted her weight tends to fluctuate between her having a "superhero" attitude and being a little more "relaxed" about her figure.