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An ordinary white man such as any of you--pardon me, I did not mean just that--rather, a white man above the ordinary in physique and intelligence could never, I grant you, have lived a year alone and naked in this tropical jungle; but this man not only surpasses the average white man in strength and agility, but as far transcends our trained athletes and `strong men' as they surpass a day-old babe; and his courage and ferocity in battle are those of the wild beast.
The fellow was a magnificent specimen of manhood--a black counterpart in physique of the splendid white man whom he faced.
The next morning found him refreshed and in considerably less pain, for the powers of recuperation which belonged to his perfect health and mighty physique had already worked an almost miraculous transformation in him.
Well," responded Porthos, "you may imagine, with the physique with which nature has endowed me, I am not in want of good luck.
He is twenty years younger, but has something of the same spare, scraggy physique.
It showed off his magnificent physique to the greatest advantage, and when Ignosi arrived presently, arrayed in a similar costume, I thought to myself that I had never before seen two such splendid men.
Farebrother was too keen a man not to know the meaning of that reply, and there was a certain massiveness in Lydgate's manner and tone, corresponding with his physique, which if he repelled your advances in the first instance seemed to put persuasive devices out of question.
Evidemment, il n'est pas dit que pour pratiquer son activite physique, il faille enfiler un maillot et courir derriere les pots d'echappement pour etre en forme, ou de faire absolument le deplacement a la corniche, l'important est de faire fonctionner tous des muscles, quoi que l'on fasse, a la maison comme au boulot, marcher souvent et s'etirer regulierement dans la journee, faire des mouvements physiques complets quand on execute chaque tache au lieu de trainasser sa carcasse mollement.
Plusieurs modules ont ete abordes dont celui principalement de la planification annuelle d'un programme permettant la mise en place des qualites physiques et habiletes motrices.
Le dernier delai pour payer la taxe de circulation pour les voitures appartenant aux personnes physiques et portant des numeros d'immatriculation pairs a ete fixe pour ce lundi 6 mars 2017.
Hale, Roth, DeLong, & Briggs, 2010), and males are increasingly reporting dissatisfaction with their physiques, particularly their leanness and muscularity (Tylka, 2011).
Le ministere de l'Economie et des Finances a annonce, dans un communique, publie ce mardi, qu'il a ete decide a titre exceptionnel de proroger le delai de depot de la declaration de l'impot sur le revenu au titre de l'exercice 2013, jusqu'au 19 mai 2014, pour les personnes physiques exercant une activite commerciale et soumises au regime reel 2014.