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We have determined that optimal societal productivity and equity requires gallbladder surgery for everyone at age 47," Picayune said.
Describing in the Daily Picayune of September 8, 1846, the embarrassing incident that ensued, he writes:
So there are ways that the Daily Picayune helped to increase her popularity.
Charles Hooker Quick of Picayune and Emma Lona and David Floyd Travis Jr.
Well into their ownership by Newhouse, the Picayune and the afternoon States-Item carried on a fierce competition.
The Picayune School District implements the Fast ForWord software in seven schools: Nicholson Elementary School, Roseland Park Elementary School, South Side Lower Elementary School, South Side Elementary School, West Side Elementary School, Picayune Junior High School, and Picayune Memorial High School.
Following a honeymoon to Disney World, he couple is at home in Picayune.
approved cartels, restricts entry by outsiders, and ensures that the European Community "has become the perfect source for intrusive, picayune socialist legislation that national parliaments would be loath to pass for fear of public retribution.
At Picayune Junior High School in Mississippi, students who worked on Scientific Learning[R] (NASDAQ:SCIL) Fast ForWord[R] software made significant improvements, gaining an average of one year of reading ability after approximately two months of use.