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But before we all rush to pick apart the bubbling-under blogosphere, we should pause for thought.
Firth and Bacon brilliantly pick apart their showbiz relationship, while the film overall paints the past as a far-from-innocent era.
Fast indoor courts are tailormade for Santoro's unique slice-heavy game and he can use his deft volleys and arcing groundstrokes to pick apart the Finn.
With her new film, Martin eschews both trends, investigating content through form, trying to pick apart the aesthetic to reveal new opportunities for image production.
Careful research of Hayworth's life frames the chapters, which meticulously pick apart fabricated image and propaganda from what can be verified as truth.
A no-nonsense, grounded-in-reality book that dares to tackle and pick apart matters that many individuals are unwilling to face in themselves.
The ideological standoff between realism and idealism in international relations is difficult to summarize briefly, but, in a nutshell, realists are often proponents of using force in pursuit of political objectives while idealists advocate more patient, so called "soft power" campaigns of poverty eradication and diplomatic arbitration to resolve international differences or pick apart complex economic and political problems.