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Dad stepping through the door, pickax over his shoulder.
Her victims have pickax holes in their chests--even Carolyn and Danny have the pallid skin of corpses.
George cautioned that workers would have to pickax the new pavement to access the sewer pipes in an emergency.
For an audio play, the character Erich Hell drafts a screenplay for an art murder--a murder in and of art--which soon becomes blood-drenched reality as Angie Noll, the moderator of a cultural affairs show, is felled with a pickax.
Need a pickax to foist a spoonful of brown sugar on your oatmeal?
The manhole locations are mapped but, he cautioned, in the event of an emergency, workers will have to pickax the new pavement to access the sewer pipes.
But while a tree stump housing an old doorknob and lock, limbs enveloping shears or a pickax, or a two-legged stump standing in high tie-up boots help transform the gallery into a dreamscape, they also run the risk of being experienced merely as visual gags.
Reid and his fellow lawmakers, both Democrats and Republicans, should take a pickax to the nation's 19th century mining law and create a new one fitting for the 21st cen- tury.
But thankfully for me, just when Elizabeth begins to think she is getting comfortable with the driving thing, someone drops a pickax in the middle of the road.