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I washed the shovels and the pickax and returned them to the tool shed.
In his narrative he refers to those who were "in the front with pickax and those who were with shovels.
Cortis's face and struck him with the pickax, police said.
Here a Peruvian family using the most rudimentary of tools, a pickax, begins work on the most basic of dreams, a home.
It is her stock in trade as she flees from her stepbrother Hans, who has attacked her with a pickax (and perhaps impregnated their sluttish sister Rosa).
Now when Dopey wanted to buy a new pickax on credit, she'd authorize $100 for the pickax and appropriate $20 each year for five years to make the payments on it.
It is believed the covers are being removed by the same small group of people -- after dark -- who are using a crowbar, pickax or another similar tool to pull them out of the street," Alsop said.
Need a pickax to foist a spoonful of brown sugar on your oatmeal?
George cautioned that workers would have to pickax the new pavement to access the sewer pipes in an emergency.
A good portion of Gale's work day building swimming pools for his father's San Fernando Valley-based construction company is spent swinging a pickax.
For an audio play, the character Erich Hell drafts a screenplay for an art murder--a murder in and of art--which soon becomes blood-drenched reality as Angie Noll, the moderator of a cultural affairs show, is felled with a pickax.