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Police registered case against the two women and later SHO Waris Khan Police Chaudhry Mohammad Riaz told him that Police have arrested the alleged pocket pickers .
He asked the pocket picker to return the card at MQM's headquarters in PIB Colony.
The Beechwood Ward Litter Pickers include youngsters aged from three to 16.
The optimum cotton harvest system requires a support crew of four to six for a six-row picker, module builder, and boll buggy to produce 1076 kg per ha (2 bale per acre) yields.
Assuring, the women workers, he said that he would give directions to his officials to take measures to save the job of women rag pickers and work for the upliftment of the class.
Each machine accommodates eight pickers, who lie on their fronts on a cushion a few inches above the ground.
Offers industrial material-handling robots for injection molders that range from sprue pickers to all-servo traversing robots.
The current base rate for strawberry pickers at most companies is $6.
The crackdown comes after 21 Chinese cockle pickers drowned in Morecambe Bay last February.
As you might expect, the secondary stores take it on the chin from cherry pickers, because price-sensitive shoppers go to these stores to buy specific low-cost items and nothing else.
Despite the recent snow that conceals the mushrooms and can leave them waterlogged and worthless, pickers say this has been a decent season for chanterelles, the official state mushroom.
In November, Ecoce opened the PET separation warehouse in northeast Mexico City, fed by 20 trucks that visit 15 dumps in the region, buying used containers from the pickers.