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The presence at an employer's business of one or more employees and/or other persons who are publicizing a labor dispute, influencing employees or customers to withhold their work or business, respectively, or showing a union's desire to represent employees; picketing is usually accompanied by patrolling with signs.


Labor Law; Labor Union.


n. standing or parading near a business or government office usually with signs of protest or claims in labor disputes or public policy controversies (peace marches to pro- or anti-abortion advocates). Picketing is constitutionally guaranteed as free speech, but in some cases it may be limited by court order to prevent physical combat, blocking of entrances or threats to the public safety.


from the French for ‘pike’, this describes the practice of placing strikers between the worker and his place of work to stop him coming off strike or to encourage him to go on strike. Almost a century of oscillating legislation controls the practice in the UK. Generally, it is permitted if carried out peacefully and with a view to communicating information or persuading persons and is carried out at a person's own place of work. This latter phrase prevents picketing outside the target's garden and restrained the flying picket, someone who would go anywhere to help out workers in a strike even though he himself might not have any dispute with the target. Secondary picketing, where suppliers of the target become themselves targets, is prohibited. While the law generally does not prohibit peaceful picketing, it has not created a right to picket; a picket standing in front of a lorry and obstructing it peacefully to communicate with the driver commits the offence of obstruction. Picketing also must be in accordance with the GOLDEN FORMULAE. Many pickets are not illegal simply for that reason. A code of practice issued by the Secretary of State indicates that there should be no more than six pickets at any entrance or exit and that frequently fewer will be appropriate. Public Order powers may be engaged if more than 20 persons are present.
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Foncadas said part of the agreement between Aglo and DLTB management was the 'voluntary' lifting of the picket line.
NUT Cymru's Debbie Scott said: "It was a positive atmosphere on the picket line.
This last assessment is especially onerous since it requires the member to pay the union more than the member has actually taken home from crossing the picket line.
Ms Williams said: "It is easy for Labour and Plaid Cymru AMs to cancel Assembly business but people will rightly expect that as a matter of principle if they refuse to cross the picket line to work they should forgo part of their salary in proportion to the amount of time they spent not working, just like everyone else who was on strike.
A scheduled session of the National Assembly for Wales will go ahead in Cardiff, but with the majority of seats left empty as Labour and Plaid AMs refuse to cross strikers' picket lines.
A woman who remembers him from the NUJ dispute over union recognition, which spanned 1989 and 1990, said: "He was constantly on the picket line and involved in marches.
Mr Midgley said support had also been strong at other sorting offices, although a handful of workers crossed the picket line at the Scissett office.
And his union activities took him to picket lines in Lancashire, Nottingham and Scotland, often plotting back-road routes to avoid police blockades.
Strikers held up banners which read: 'Here is the news - journalists are on strike' as they tried to persuade office staff, delivery workers and postmen not to cross the picket line.
In defiance of that legislation, the HEU members continued to walk the picket line for four days longer, and were poised to receive province-wide support from the Canadian Union of Public Employees plus private sector unions, such as the International Woodworkers of America.
Encouraged by the Ohrbach's workers' strike, the laid-off Klein's workers formed a picket line and began their own strike.