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The campaign reached its crescendo in mid-August when Meow Mix manufacturer, San Francisco-based Big Heart Pet Brands (formerly Del Monte Pet Foods), brought a mobile sound booth to New York City, allowing cat lovers to remix the iconic 30-plus year-old Meow Mix jingle alongside Pickier.
You would think that Jeff Bridges, a somewhat film legend, would be pickier about his movies, but then you would be mistaken.
What has changed since the pre-downturn days is that employers are being a lot pickier than in previous years and rightly so.
In fact, those aged 55 and over are pickier about who they romance than at any other age.
With much less expendable income, consumers are inevitably pickier about who they book with, when they travel and how much they're spending.
Credit ultimately is dependent on collateral - and investors have become much pickier about collateral since the financial crisis.
THOSE precious mounds of white envelopes and the amount of money tucked away inside are both shrinking, as the recession forces Cypriots to become pickier about what weddings they attend and how much they are willing to give.
series connects our body wash with consumers beyond the shower by giving them a behind-the-scenes look at how a highly celebrated female artist, like Kellie Pickier, turn.
Some institutional investors recently reported that disposable incomes in China have been rapidly rising to create pickier demand for high-end bicycles.
I think he's handled it well this time by owning up but I hope he's a bit pickier in the future.
A recent study found women are pickier than men about their financial advisors and often demand more from them.
Companies will have to navigate continued growth of emerging markets, globalisation, competition for employees - who will be pickier about potential employers - and the usage of increasingly sophisticated technologies," the research said.