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This is the oldest pickle shop of BKK market,' Meng said, though it specialises in what he calls a 'modern' pickling trend - assorted fruits pickled with chili and garlic eaten as a snack.
Pickling is one of the simplest ways to preserve vegetables.
By the 17th century, pickling cucumbers had become a commercial enterprise in both Virginia and New York.
Plus, small batches allow for pickling experimentation: "I can go to the farmers' market and get what I crave.
While pickling was recognized as a safe food-preservation method long before the discovery of bacteria, the kind of data that today's precise food safety standards require was not established until relatively recently.
The HFree Life Pickling project aims to develop a new process of electrolytic pickling for duplex and special stainless steel, welded and seamless pipes.
The main modern nuance to pickling recipes is recognition that pickling alone may not kill the larval tapeworms that may be present in some fish.
This is usually achieved by pickling the surfaces using a diluted mixture of hydrofluoric and nitric acids.
NEW research from pickling experts has confirmed that we are a nation of pickled onion lovers with Birmingham making the top five in the poll.
Manufactured by Seguin, Texas-based Bob's Pickle Pops, the frozen pops are not made from the brine left over from pickling, but from freshly squeezed pickles.
But Bob's does go a step further than previous incarnations of the concept as its pops are made using not just the brine left over from pickling, but from freshly squeezed pickles, much like an apple or orange is pressed.