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I've never been the victim of pickpockets or muggers but if I was paranoid in the past I'm going to be positively neurotic about getting on the London Underground in the future after watching The Secrets of the Pickpockets (Channel 4, Tuesday, 9pm).
PICKPOCKETS are showing they don't just target the elderly.
Jailing Caren yesterday, Judge John Roberts said: "You are a professional pickpocket who targets people to steal money from them to fund your drug habit.
THIS is the moment when Britain's most successful pickpocket is caught on camera by the Sunday Mirror stealing a purse in a pub packed with Christmas shoppers.
More than 90 pickpocket offences were reported in Coventry in November and December last year.
Incidents increased during cold weather, Young says, because both the pickpocket and victim wore more clothing: the extra clothing both reduced the victim's physical sensitivity to theft and allowed the crook to shield his movements and hide the property.
Leading the dance is Zobel (Gotz George), a short-tempered deep-reaching wallet thief in his pushing-50s who operates a traveling pickpocket team with his daughter, Lizzie (Jeanette Hain), and his longtime lover, Karl (Christian Redl).
However, Johnson, 38, of no fixed address, was spotted a few days later in the city centre and arrested by one of West Midlands Police's specialist undercover pickpocket team.
Nuneaton pickpocket Rob Nightingale featured in a Channel 5 documentary about pickpockets
She was quick to admit her role in the pickpocket gang, however, "I worked with two neighbors," she said.
A PICKPOCKET who targeted Cleveland's police and crime commissioner has been locked up.