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Mohammad Israr, a Pakistani bus driver and a victim of pickpocketing, said that he has often heard about wallets being stolen from crowded waiting areas for buses, but didn't think it would happen to him.
Days earlier, two women - Elene Filipova, 23 and her sister Silviya Filipova, 24, who have a string of previous convictions for pickpocketing offences - were spotted by undercover police dipping into pockets and handbags on London Underground.
Pope Givens said she did not know if the two pickpocketing reports her department received after the Rose Bowl were from Ducks fans.
Big snatching and pickpocketing has soared by 25 per cent over the last year, in an indication the recession is having a knock-on impact on crime.
She boasts she can net pounds 700 in a 20-minute pickpocketing spree in Tesco using a simple technique - talking to her victims while using sleight-of-hand to rob them.
Tecco Corporation of Suffern, New York, has introduced a twist-snap that can be attached to a zipper or bag closure to prevent pickpocketing.
Furthermore, juvenile pickpocketing was, in certain respects, an invisible crime.
Pickpocketing, which accounts for more than half of all Underground crime, costs its victims half a million pounds worth of property a year.
A gang of three Arab women was arrested for pickpocketing at the Grand Mosque, local media said quoting a source at the Department of Criminal Investigation, an affiliate of the Holy Mosque Security.
A statement by the Internal Security Forces said that two men, aged 23 and 25, were detained after a number of incidents of pickpocketing took place in Ashrafieh recently, including one incident in which ISF personnel were fired upon.