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Production of picric acid began in October 1915 and averaged 100 tons per week by the end of the year.
Picric acid is a pale yellow, odourless substance used as an antiseptic as well as a military explosive or yellow dye.
Studies of Aniline in Picric Acid and Potassium Picrate
PICRIC ACID This remedy may be helpful in occipital headaches that arise from mental exertion, grief or depression.
Concerning the precipitate produced in normal urine by picric acid and a new reaction of creatinine, Z.
Instead, they use picric acid as a main charge filler.
Phenol is used in many chemical processes but it is also an ingredient of TNP, or picric acid, an explosive that is sometimes seen in fireworks.
1971), the picric acid method of Husdan and Rapoport (1968), and the biuret method of Flack and Woollen (1984), respectively.
Initially, crude carbolic acid, (Lister's first agent), and then a whole variety of chemicals, which included picric acid, iodine, bichloride of mercury, permanganate of potash and corrosive sublimate.
The yellow tag according to Vicar Powell's version was made of white rabbit fur dyed in picric acid.
One of the earliest was a precautionary measure issued by the Health Department of Wyoming (MI), which encouraged workers at the Picric Acid Plant to wash their hands and cover their mouths when coughing.
Kinetics and mechanism of formation of the mono-creatinine picric acid complex.