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How the Waikato--its landscape and inhabitants--has been, and continues to be, represented pictorially is also the central concern of one article and appears as a theme in several others.
He was usually not pictorially dramatic and many of his photographs appeared flat--not shocking enough for his contemporaries.
They say they were attracted by a lifestyle involving boating, jet skiing and other water-related sports, as featured pictorially throughout the glossy brochures promoting the multi-million dinar development, and are complaining bitterly about the action.
A more in-depth--but perhaps less pictorially pleasing--approach is to do what we asked of our authors in this issue: to reflect on the good, the bad and the indifferent that we have seen since January 2009.
Rather, coordinate your audiovisuals with your presentation so that they pictorially illustrate what you are saying.
Yes, of course, as it pictorially attractive and interesting.
Following a similar format to other volumes in the Masters of Cinema series, the director's early years and background are discussed before a brief pictorially laden chronological tour of Burton's most popular films beginning with Pee Wee's Big Adventure his first full length film, and ending with his most recent, Alice in Wonderland.
SPRING was in the air in April 1935 and the sister publication of the Evening Gazette, the Stockton and Teesside Herald reflected pictorially the seasonal events in the area.
Tree was the self-proclaimed successor of the mid-Victorian Charles Kean and the high-Victorian Henry Irving, who created spectacular productions employing pictorially representational scenery and large casts, seeking to create a visually, historically, and archaeologically contextual frame for the actions and behaviors of the characters in the plays.
Just as artists in earlier cultures pictured momentous events in their lives or that of royalty on clay tablets and pottery, De Larios recorded happenings in her life on porcelain plaques and My Life, both large, pictorially complex circular disks.
According to research conducted in developed countries, depicting the impact of tobacco pictorially is effective.
Mamallapuram deserves much better both verbally and pictorially.