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They either inherited or bought a gallery more or less full of old pictures. It was as much a part of their education to put their faith in these on hearsay evidence, as to put their faith in King, Lords and Commons.
The image of her friends now faded from the Magic Picture and the old landscape slowly reappeared.
Twelve years ago I could not have appreciated this picture. One year ago I could not have appreciated it.
"Is it known, my dear uncle," inquired she, "what this old picture once represented?
"You see, I asked him to come here one day and look at my pictures. Well, he came, and I showed him everything I had." Stroeve hesitated a moment with embarrassment.
'What sort of a picture is it?' inquired the artist.
On learning from the porter's wife, who came out to them, that Mihailov saw visitors at his studio, but that at that moment he was in his lodging only a couple of steps off, they sent her to him with their cards, asking permission to see his picture.
Only one sort of pretext would do--it must be something to do with this blessed picture, so that I might see where he'd got it and all that.
'I fear it will be considered an act of impertinence,' said 'to presume to look at a picture that the artist has turned to the wall; but may I ask -'
Well, as I was saying about the parlor, there was beautiful curtains on the windows: white, with pictures painted on them of castles with vines all down the walls, and cattle coming down to drink.
A calm benignant beauty shines over all this picture, and goes directly to the heart.
In his hands was a primer opened at a picture of a little ape similar to himself, but covered, except for hands and face, with strange, colored fur, for such he thought the jacket and trousers to be.