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For advanced users, there are more than 50 special effects that let you posterize, picturize, solarize, texturize, and add artistic touches.
The background of the small mud hut with thatched roof by the side of a shady tree and a banana plant, the charpoy, and the small dog truly picturize the Indian village scene of the mid-19th century.
Bukhari in his work uses acrylics on canvas to picturize ninety nine names of Allah in different collages of colours in different sizes.
The graph also picturizes the residual rate of DAP (65, 32) flit which raises as result of a failure of correcting burst error [19] while the CADEC and JTEC have low residual flit error rate compared to DAP as they can correct errors of two and three only.
Section 6 compares the existing TCD along with recommended one and picturizes the issues identified by the proposal.
Set in Amman and Irbid, it picturizes the evolution of life in both cities.