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The lyrics of the poem titled pregmeda ma pregmeda is a spiritual poetry which is picturized on the vulgar and objectionable scenes in the Pashto movie released on September 24, 2015 taking permission from for using work of my late father which is not only the violation of copyrights but it also harmed feelings of society as the poetry defines the love of Muslims for God, said Shah Mehmood.
These coves became their world and much of their art and the conception of the universe is picturized in terms of the cove.
Indra sings the first iteration of the lyrics "Kannathil Muthamittal" to Amudha, and later the same song is picturized between Amudha and Thiruchelvan.
Picturized Algorithm - an Image Processing feature that allows a user to create one picture from thousands of separate images.
While the Indian Media wrote extensively about Oprah's show being Ill picturized and showing the country in a poor light, the Indian audience took to the social media to express their displeasure.
With unflagging efforts, the artist has picturized overflow feelings of love and romance through ideal and spiritual love of women and nature.