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Based in Jupiter, Fla., Piddle Place is an eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative to disposable puppy pads and expensive dog walkers.
Piddle Place will be the latest addition to RSC's waste management line, which currently includes innovative products like the Pet Loo, a portable indoor/outdoor pet toilet, and ScoopFree automatic litter boxes and accessories.
The work has been carried out by the Environment Agency, Frome, Piddle and West Dorset Fisheries Association, Westcountry Rivers Trust and the Friends of Rivers Group.
"I think the handicapper is taking the piddle. He's cocked up a bit and now he's having his revenge.
Someone would notice piddle and whisper, in hushed tones to nearest member of staff: "I think someone might have had a tiny wee accident." Member of staff would quietly locate mop and bucket of disinfectant and discreetly and efficiently clean the floor.
"A lot of people piddle around with regular payments that build equity slowly.
Not wishing to piddle on anyone's bonfire, but I've spent a fair bit of time in that neck of the woods, and I'm pretty sure they are still using those tools nowadays.
Highlights include a startling but harmonious marriage between Outkast's jackhammer-fast "B.O.B." and the Cure's lilting "Love Song," and MC Joe's Latino hip-hop meltdown "Melo Do Piddle Le He He," which features honest-to-God yodeling!
The tourists are using the Midlands Three West club as their training base and open their three-match programme at Wyre Piddle against a Pershore President's XV (2pm).
One by one, Widdle, Waddle, Piddle and Paddle join Mama Duck in the water.
The piddle pack, a time-honored relief device in many other platforms, is also a possibility.
Pet clothing and accessory distributor Paws and Claws, Suffolk, VA, markets a similar product for both dogs and cats called "Joybie's Piddle Pants," which are also made from a woven fabric with an inner liner that holds a disposable absorbent pad of the customer's choice--a feminine hygiene pad, an adult incontinence pad or one of "Joybie's Piddle Pads." The disposable Piddle Pads are made of a nonwoven construction similar to a baby diaper core and fit all sizes of Piddle Pants.