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Someone would notice piddle and whisper, in hushed tones to nearest member of staff: "I think someone might have had a tiny wee accident.
The piddle pack, a time-honored relief device in many other platforms, is also a possibility.
Pet clothing and accessory distributor Paws and Claws, Suffolk, VA, markets a similar product for both dogs and cats called "Joybie's Piddle Pants," which are also made from a woven fabric with an inner liner that holds a disposable absorbent pad of the customer's choice--a feminine hygiene pad, an adult incontinence pad or one of "Joybie's Piddle Pads.
I first met Roy Reed when he returned to Arkansas from a successful career as a foreign correspondent for The New York Times to piddle with cattle at his farm in Hogeye and teach journalism at the University of Arkansas.
ALENAMESPIDDLE IN A BOTTLE * Cheeky name for the bottled bitter from the Dorset Piddle Brewery in Piddlehinton.
45am in any weather, be covered in cat and dog piddle and have rats run around you, while working in cold and wet conditions, taking 20 years off your lifespan, then come and do the job.
A trial organised as part of the EU Life part-funded project, Water Resources in Co-operation with Agriculture, offered free fertiliser spreader calibration to farmers during February within certain areas of the Frome, Piddle and Wey catchments in Dorset.
A few weeks back Five's director of programmes said he would no longer be sullying his channel with downmarket piddle.
Wychavon has been forced to spend thousands of pounds to remove gipsies from three sites in the county in the past year - Upton Warren, Eckington and Wyre Piddle.
And it must be hard to say you live in Wyre Piddle, Penistone or Queen Camel without provoking mirth from your listener.
Well, when you've got to piddle, you've got to pedal.
Last year Wychavon, whichprovides a local authority site in Cleve Prior, spent pounds 50,000 on battling illegal encampments in Wyre Piddle and Eckington.