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Perhaps I'm turning into a woman" Actor Dustin Hoffman, below "What a piddling, piffling pack of political pygmies the Tories are" Labour MP Paul Flynn on the decision to close the M4 bus lane and the ban on taxpayer-funded Christmas trees for Downing Street "I'm a happy hermit now" Singer Robbie Williams, who does his socialising at home "If you can't critique art then what can you do?
He started us off with textile expressions with keeping the band in the nick and lots of readers responded with more, such as being on tenterhooks, fair to middling, run of the mill, laikin o' weft, fettling and all piddling in the same pot.
In Tuesday's debate Ms Burnham said: "Why not invest in the Maglev train that the Japs use to whiz through the countryside at 320mph rather than piddling around at 60mph as we do.
Clearly, if it hadn't been for wind, Liverpool would have won ten European Cups rather than a piddling five.
Billionaire Poizner's campaign buried Cruz Bustamante's in cash, spending nearly $13 million to the outgoing lieutenant governor's piddling $1.
It held my attention for no more than half a minute as, in all truth, it amounts to no more than a few piddling little streams set in what appears to be a kid's paddling pool.
The government could expand the broadcast spectrum (by, say, allowing new FM stations to transmit over unused UHF frequencies); it could reduce the costly regulatory requirements faced by start-up stations; it could legalize low-power broadcasting on more than a piddling scale.
As for the ground, we have also had some good fortune, because we have to avoid the extremes of boiling hot and piddling wet.
Reading Will should chasten the petty scribes who today scream scandal over every piddling political flap that rears its head.
In the twinkling of an eye, one of our finest, least splashy companies has decided its CEO needs a higher profile, while a piddling, inconsequential corporation whose public profile has always been far out of proportion to its actual size ($155 million in sales?
More importantly, why was his piddling sentence suspended?
Because if you grow up thinking money can buy you the best education, innate confidence, a passport to the best jobs and a lifetime of privilege - which it still does in this country - then why the hell wouldn't you imagine it'd bring you enough cash for a piddling little Kindle on your 8th birthday?