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If not for being a multi-million-aire giving low-paid staff a hard time over such a piddling sum, then for saying before the general election he couldn't vote Labour because its leader was a communist, how he's chuffed to be sending his kids to public school, and for jumping on to a yacht in St Tropez with Bono when he eventually unpacked his precious designer luggage.
As poor Stephen explained to MPs this week, his piddling pounds 7.
With this power in the pipeline, so to speak, why on earth are developers continuing to insist on the installation of piddling little land based turbines which add virtually nothing to our renewables capacity, but detract massively from the beauty of our countryside?
Perhaps I'm turning into a woman" Actor Dustin Hoffman, below "What a piddling, piffling pack of political pygmies the Tories are" Labour MP Paul Flynn on the decision to close the M4 bus lane and the ban on taxpayer-funded Christmas trees for Downing Street "I'm a happy hermit now" Singer Robbie Williams, who does his socialising at home "If you can't critique art then what can you do?
piddling I mean, how dare some uppity police officer complain about being pensioner protecting struck by the Prince's car, right?
He started us off with textile expressions with keeping the band in the nick and lots of readers responded with more, such as being on tenterhooks, fair to middling, run of the mill, laikin o' weft, fettling and all piddling in the same pot.
Clearly, if it hadn't been for wind, Liverpool would have won ten European Cups rather than a piddling five.
The government could expand the broadcast spectrum (by, say, allowing new FM stations to transmit over unused UHF frequencies); it could reduce the costly regulatory requirements faced by start-up stations; it could legalize low-power broadcasting on more than a piddling scale.
As for the ground, we have also had some good fortune, because we have to avoid the extremes of boiling hot and piddling wet.
Reading Will should chasten the petty scribes who today scream scandal over every piddling political flap that rears its head.
In the twinkling of an eye, one of our finest, least splashy companies has decided its CEO needs a higher profile, while a piddling, inconsequential corporation whose public profile has always been far out of proportion to its actual size ($155 million in sales?