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He is not some piddling pensioner seeking to protect her petunias from a neighbour's sun-blocking extension.
<p>These piddling complaints aside, Outlook Express Eml Importer is clean, simple, and free--and it works.
Art always costs and the piddling pounds 10mowed to HSBC by the WMC should be repaid immediately by the WAG.
The stewards, like the rest of us, could see the loose horse on the outside of Walsh caused the jockey to take evasive (a strong word to describe what was in fact a piddling movement) action, therefore causing slight interference to Grantsville.
Come on, boys, let's have more punch and less piddling around.
This is a lot of work for the piddling little fee that Medicare pays.
I'm staring at a six-foot, 190-pound, Irish/Italian research scientist who lists his interests as "Golf/Roasting Coffee." If I want him, he's mine--or at least his sperm is, for the piddling price of $300 plus shipping.
You could trace the wornout course of their piddling derelictions right alongside their politics.
And as for the champion trainer's stable blocking dope tests for fear of spreading infections, wee Martin should be told to comply immediately or face a ban on his runners - not a piddling fine.
Prudence equates to seeing the issue of travel to appropriate business events and the procurement of effective continuing education as matters of priority, not piddling away comparative pocket change.
A big hole considering my house loan was for a piddling pounds 19,000.
Forced to the bottom of the economic rung by racism and forced to perform routine work for tips and piddling wages, they turned the tables on their traducers, making a thing of awesome dignity out of their jobs and climbing, one writer said, "a ladder of yes-sirs," to the heights.