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We are (treated as) little children, told how to spend the piddly little [dollar] 3,000.
We are doing nothing about it in Europe, because, let's face it, what they agreed upon is really kind of piddly," he said.
A major flaw if one can say that, could be its piddly 1.
It defers from the standard Intel configuration of a much more powerful CPU coupled with a comparatively piddly graphics solution.
In the Afghanistan Pavilion nearby, you can meander through piddly kiosks selling the latest crop of mountain almonds, pistachios, walnuts, dried white berries, apricots, figs and raisins.
Though their movies usually revel in the absurdity of life's predicaments, Ethan promises this film has answers: "It's not like our piddly 'A Serious Man.
Alas, I had a bad hip, and informed Jakes that to do so, in my case, was impossible, and that climbing even a piddly little mopane or acacia tree was equally unlikely, so my position was that Jakes better be a damn fine shot
40 train consisted of a piddly four carriage train.
That's how they like to think of their business: good people taking good care of the financial needs of their valued customers, even those with piddly balances and no washing machines to call their own.
Take that big decision, eclipse any of those piddly little twitchy efforts of the past few months and finally come right out and announce it.
Suicide bombers and piddly rockets make headlines, but the extra-judicial killings and massacres by one of the most sophisticated high-tech armies in the world goes unannounced or worse still- are justified.