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That's how they like to think of their business: good people taking good care of the financial needs of their valued customers, even those with piddly balances and no washing machines to call their own.
Take that big decision, eclipse any of those piddly little twitchy efforts of the past few months and finally come right out and announce it.
Suicide bombers and piddly rockets make headlines, but the extra-judicial killings and massacres by one of the most sophisticated high-tech armies in the world goes unannounced or worse still- are justified.
Lost along the way, apparently, were those piddly lessons: Don't destroy property that isn't your own, or put people at risk for no reason other than drunken stupidity.
Wasting my time just to create another piddly little Facebook page seems stupid.
Why should he have to work--like Claudio does, teaching math in a private school, because among other things he also has a degree in math--why should he ever have to work with gallery owners, dealers, critics, all that piddly crap .
For Sunderland it was a piddly 20-word statement on their website confirming the bombshell no Mackem wanted to hear, that Bent had handed in a transfer request.
But if you look at that millions and millions of dollars that most companies spend developing a product and then trying to launch it into the market, this is actually a piddly little investment to get it right.
He has doled out unjust interest rates on bank loans and earned piddly ones on his savings account.
When my husband asks how this is possible without burning, I just imagine it must be magic or at least beyond my piddly understanding.
They are truly thinking about the energy requirements of tomorrow not some piddly bunch of wells and oceans and we all should appreciate their priorities because Lord knows, in the very near future guaranteed we will need more and more power for our Hummers and hydro plants and hand-held Nintendos and PlayStations.