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NEW YORK, March 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Earlier today on Good Morning America, global superstar and GRAMMY Award winner Kelly Clarkson announced her 2015 PIECE BY PIECE TOUR .
Damaged masonry was removed piece by piece using chisels and hammers.
Bridging the hypothetical and the mythical into a word where secrets are revealed piece by piece, Gagarin Street provokes deep thought at the changing nuances of personality and environment with the passage of time.
As the soap is removed from the wall, a life-sized charcoal drawing of an historical photograph featuring a Chinese laborer appears piece by piece, phantom-like, in the empty spaces.
Imagine a home with components light enough to be carried piece by piece into isolation, strong enough to withstand extreme heat and Santa Ana winds, and versatile enough to be rearranged like Legos.
The arena's first concert as a total smoke-free venue will be Katie Melua's Piece By Piece tour on Monday.
Like Anne Rice's character, the Jesus of Kazantzakis is caught up in a mission larger than himself, one that he comes to understand piece by piece.
The 21-year-old - whose latest album Piece By Piece has soared to number one - is now on her third UK tour and will perform at Cardiff International Arena on Sunday, February 5.
KATIE MELUA claimed a notable slice of chart history this week when her second album, Piece By Piece, went straight in at No 1.
Digested to its essence, the idea is to integrate the world under a single political and economic order through a war of attrition--in Gardner's infamous formulation, an "end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece.
WE'VE teamed up with our friends at HMV to give you the chance to meet the fantastic Katie Melua and win an exclusive signed copy of her long-awaited new album, Piece by Piece.
An important piece of American metalcasting history is being excavated piece by piece in Cold Springs, N.