piece of apparatus

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It was a sturdy piece of apparatus, and it had acquired a kind of documentary value in these quick-changing times; it was now nearly eight years old.
A tumbling block is a padded, rubberised piece of apparatus that allows people to be held in the air, or upside down, without putting any strain on their partner or other members of the group.
on this piece of apparatus, becoming the Northern European Floor Champion.
They were incredibly reassuring throughout the programme and were able to talk me through each exercise and piece of apparatus.
The subject of the public contract is the supply, installation and commissioning of one piece of apparatus X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and accessories as specified by the subject of which is annexed to the tender documentation.
Whitlock had opened on his favoured piece of apparatus, scoring 15.
Childs of the California State Normal School, as 'the most useful and popular piece of apparatus we have ever had.
It is the first time since the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester that England have won team gold and the men did so with one man down after Oldham suffered what was understood to be a dislocated ankle on the first piece of apparatus on day two.
The Olympic silver medallist produced a clean routine which kept his country on course for the top spot on the podium, with Nile Wilson (pictured right), Kristian Thomas and Max Whitlock all keeping their nerves in check on the last piece of apparatus, the high bar, to secure gold.
Their effort and dedication is apparent by the standard of their individual performances on each piece of apparatus and ultimately their achievements.
e ten-year-old made it through to the nals on all pieces of apparatus and competed in the nals where she was awarded the highest marks on each piece of apparatus.
40 (the best four scores on each piece of apparatus count) - 10 points ahead of Leeds and Sheffield.