piece of architecture

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We took off our shoes and went into the marble mausoleum of the Sultan Mahmoud, the neatest piece of architecture, inside, that I have seen lately.
I now glanced sideways at this piece of architecture. Yes, I was right: it was Mr.
The new airport in Jeddah is both an impressive engineering feat and a breath-taking piece of architecture. I am delighted that Abu Dhabi International Airport was one of the first international destinations for flights from the new airport.
"The entire building is an exceptional piece of architecture rarely seen nowadays and a real feather in the cap of Southport's heritage."
West Riding County Council, then responsible for the major highways in the region, regarded it as a superb piece of architecture and it won high praise from experts in the field.
We were surprised at how a modern piece of architecture blended in so well with the ancient landscape so brilliantly, taking full advantage of the outstanding views.
This is an objectively fine piece of architecture which, despite being a little shabby here and there, is as stunning today as it was in 1939.
The old, original wing of the museum is a fine piece of architecture, consisting of a series of large rooms, with ancient decorated wooden ceilings and beautiful mashrabiyas.
And architect Joe Holyoak, who has campaigned to save local buildings designed by John Madin as well as Moseley Road Baths, said it was "a fine piece of architecture".
mealiepudding: "Hideous piece of architecture. Demolish!" palm: "I am all for it as long as it is fully privately owned and run and does NOT become a financial burden on the city tax payers."
A fountain is a piece of architecture which pours water into a basin or jets it into the air for a decorative effect.
It is a piece of architecture with a touch of modern, relaxed comfort, a grayish green palette and a successful combination of a shell building in strict and straight lines and beautiful furniture in organic curves.