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Ken Kimmel, senior vice president, Baskin-Robbins' Brand Officer, explained: "What better way to celebrate our new ice cream Cake Treats than by asking our customers what makes their lives a 'piece of cake?" One of the happier results found in the survey was that 48% of the respondents noted they would eat ice cream cake anytime of the year.
Makes the lot of a Glasgow cop on Old Firm duty seem like a piece of cake.
" 'Excellent' "and 'piece of cake.' If somebody asks you how you are you say you're 'excellent'.
If you want to decide which football team takes the ball first or who gets the larger piece of cake, the fairest thing is to toss a coin, right?
After raising babies, navigating the new field was probably a piece of cake.
A Piece Of Cake will run only if underfoot conditions are deemed soft enough.
When you're young, kicking a habit is a piece of cake: Three days of feeling crappy, and you're a new man.
Delivering 500 is a piece of cake from the web site, a lot simpler than on paper."
"To take 15,000 refugees at that time would have been a piece of cake," recalls Lavinia Limon, director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement under the Clinton administration and the current director of Immigrant and Refugee Services of America.
If the Ohio Soybean Council and USB can build a house using soy-based products, this gingerbread idea in the soy house kitchen should be a piece of cake. I'll be looking for samples next fall.
"SQL Navigator is a piece of cake to install and users can literally begin to be productive within a couple of hours.