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Another client, Phil Mitchell, was astonished by the response his press release created; “We decided to try a Piece of Cake Press Release for our latest book.
A Piece Of Cake is a smashing horse and we hope he's still improving, but he won't run unless I'm absolutely satisfied that the ground is suitable.
If you get Premier League players, good players, then it is a piece of cake.
The slices are accompanied by the printed ceremonial programmes for the wedding, and with the piece of cake from Princess Anne's wedding the buyer will receive silver printed wedding breakfast cards, the official invitation, two tickets and the order of service.
John Lewis has also donated pounds 20,000 to Marie Curie Cancer Care to support the campaign, which means every customer who buys a cup of tea and piece of cake in John Lewis on May 19 will be supporting the charity and will be able to pick up a free Blooming Great Tea Party fundraising pack.
Rosemary said: "It's a piece of cake to support St Cuthbert's by becoming a regular giver.
The campaign insists that if everyone donated the price of a piece of cake each week to a charity it would dramatically increase the amount raised through payroll giving, which raises a total of pounds 89m a year for 170,000 UK charities.
Insuring James Bond's cars is a piece of cake compared to insuring Borat - but who costs more?
Putnam and her mom, Margaret Holinsworth, who will turn 88 next week, together watched the film -- complete with the requisite piece of cake smooshed into the groom's face -- with bittersweet memories.
A PIECE OF CAKE chronicles how the eleven-year-old survived the child welfare system, ran away from one mishap to another, and how she survived drugs, alcohol and a life on the streets until a shooting changed her life.
Mr Davies said: 'I knew the piece of cake was coming up for auction on ebay.
Enterprising young-sters have found beating the bullies can be a piece of cake.