piece of land

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They will be built on a piece of land off Bishopton Road, close to the roundabout at Eastbourne Road and bordered by Marton Burn Road.
Giving details, the jirga members said that the dispute had started over the ownership of a small piece of land in 1983.
The Mombasa property, a brewery the firm used to operate before relocating to Ruaraka in Nairobi, sits on a six-acre piece of land in Mombasa's Shimanzi Industrial Area.
Appozai are residing on their own land from British era and they have offered land free of cost to both provincial and district government time to time', adding a piece of land measuring hundreds of feet was in the possession of the Appozai according revenue record and court verdicts near Sheikh town.
The Government of Pakistan in particular does not seem to care for allotment of a piece of land to accommodate poor despite the fact the largest amount was contributed by Memon/Gujarati community for securing independence.
He spoke a day after the MP addressed locals at the site, assuring he would help them acquire the 32,000-acre piece of land.
The most recent one relates to Punjab University being asked to give a piece of land to a religious seminary because the land previously allotted to the seminary has been utilised by the Punjab government for constructing the route for the train.
A few years ago, this precious piece of land was encroached upon.
The woman had objected to the digging work on a piece of land when she was dragged and her clothes were torn off by the culprits, which allegedly involved TDP leaders.
TRAVELLERS have returned to a piece of land in Coventry less than a week after the latest convoy of caravans left.
A coal warehouse will be established on the first piece of land which is stretched over a 100,000-meter area, Khalil said.
To the council it's just another piece of land but to those who have spent years tending a plot it is a way of life and a wonderful pastime to pursue their hobby.