piece of legislation

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"This is a very important piece of legislation that will help to uphold justice and also ensure that Hong Kong will fulfill her international obligations in terms of cross-boundary and transnational crimes," Carrie Lam told reporters.
I am proud to sign such a strong piece of legislation designed to protect Alabama citizens.
For additional information about either piece of legislation, visit the "Legislation" page on RepWeber.com.
My role is to work with other parliamentarians to scrutinise this proposed piece of legislation on a lineby-line basis.
Minister Batshu indicated that the process to amend such a sensitive piece of legislation had taken long because it necessitated extensive consultations with due diligence as it affected the lives of people in a wide spectrum.
The bill was sponsored by Council Member Dan Garodnick, who, in 2006, authored another piece of legislation that required annual inspections of water tanks.
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani has asked the government to bring a piece of legislation for implementation on its recommendations within a period of two months, otherwise, the Senate will take its own course of action to address the issue.
He added that the revised piece of legislation, which was approved by the National Assembly in the first and second readings, would lead to easing relevant procedures.
GST is a long-awaited and important piece of legislation that aims to simplify and standardise India's tax structure.
From the look of things, the 16th Congress will not be able to pass this important piece of legislation. It's unfortunate that the FOI bill is finding a hard time passing through the legislative mill despite the fact that the House of Representatives is headed by an ally of Mr.
In this episode of Budgetline, Aman and Ross sit down with Senate Finance Chairwoman Jane Nelson, who voted against her first state budget in 1993 as a freshman senator and is now in charge of writing that most essential piece of legislation.
He said the PTI is struggling hard to put a permanent end to exploitation of the poor people by unscrupulous political forces in the country, adding this particular piece of legislation was part of such efforts.