piece together

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We appeal for people to come forward to help piece together his movements prior to him being found.
Police have been trying to piece together how the 22-year-old came to be alone in Newcastle during the early hours of a cold winter morning, following a night out.
Police are now trying to piece together how the man was injured by scouring CCTV footage.
PEOPLE are being urged to help piece together the history of Spon End's Koco Building.
MODULE MAGIC: CREATIVE PROJECTS TO KNIT ONE BLOCK AT A TIME simplifies and explains the entire process of block knitting, which uses squares, triangles and strips to piece together projects.
DETECTIVES are trying to piece together the last movements of Paula Clennell, from Berwick, in the Suffolk multiple murder investigation.
With this approach, scientists can examine the fossil record in several different ways to piece together the lives of ancient people.
That was a few days too late to meet a federal regulatory deadline that already had been extended several times in the last year to give Mundy and his team more time to piece together financing for the venture.
Various narrators piece together the problems with the super-secret Project Amphora (sponsored by the Consortium) hidden in the bowels of a junkyard planet.
But stringent pitching-workload regulations have left defending champion District 51 manager Walt Patison trying to piece together the pitching-schedule equivalent of a Rubik's Cube at this week's Big League World Series in Kalamazoo, Mich.
But there is a problem when Bevan tries to piece together from all this any kind of analytical narrative.
Each child travels and learns all about their friends and neighbors, as they piece together grand collages reflecting the vibrant diversity of people, places, ideas and activities all around them.