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To measure the type of judgment and the attribution of meaning to the product, the Meaning and Judgment Scale (ALLEN, 1997) was used in its validated version in Portuguese (ALFINITO; NEPOMUCENO; TORRES, 2012) with 4 distinct factors: Affective Judgment, Piecemeal Judgment, Utilitarian Meaning and Symbolic Meaning ([alpha]=.
Perhaps we should step back, stop issuing new standards and undertake a comprehensive review of the entire conceptual framework before we continue down the path of piecemeal changes to the model.
Finlay of Cornell University and her colleagues concluded that different brain regions in mammals enlarged all together during mammalian evolution, not in piecemeal fashion related to specific functions.
Trying to integrate reporting, billing, analysis, and security with a content delivery system in a piecemeal fashion is inherently complex, Fountain Ecosystem partners provide a simpler answer -- they interoperate to provide a more comprehensive solution.
Also, remember that the phrase 'liquidation value' in the CCC does not suggest a piecemeal liquidation under any circumstances.
Barnes imposes meaning piecemeal onto the fresco from any available outside source, a method that occasionally produces useful suggestions, but more often than not observations that are either irrelevant to Michelangelo's particular interpretation, implausible, or totally fanciful.
It is a piecemeal approach with one or two streets being done at a time, which is not giving any of the benefits of pedestrianisation.
Although some corporations have been pressured into improving standards for overseas workers, or say they "buy direct" from local producers, such piecemeal practices do not constitute "fair trade," notes Equal Exchange's Brown.
Generally, the procedure set forth in 98-17 allows taxpayers to obtain unified consideration of issues that otherwise might be dealt with on a piecemeal basis as federal income tax returns are audited.
In the meantime, however, reform proceeded in more piecemeal fashion, but it proceeded nonetheless, Weiner insists.
Unfortunately, early market planning is never based on hard facts, but rather on various premises, forecasts and assumptions involving limited knowledge, piecemeal data and imperfect concepts.