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We've got a great group of swimmers that are taking part, and I really hope that our local communities are able to come out to show their support for them on Bangor Pier.
The move comes just months after the road finally reopened in October last year and just a few years after CES paid civil engineering firm George Leslie PS292,000 to repair the pier.
The sign states: "In recent weeks the pier watchmen have discovered human faeces on the Pier on several occasions "The watchmen have picked up the excrement which places the health and safety of our Watchmen and public at risk.
The works will upgrade the entire pier and will include a complete reconstruction of the middle pier and lower landing using timber piles, including a new timber deck and handrails.
The Victorians oversaw the full elaboration of the pier type, a development most associated with the engineer Eugenius Birch (1818-84).
These plans included constructing a church, tree-lined promenades, parks, gardens, houses, hotels and a pier.
The pier had already partially collapsed into the sea earlier that month.
isle of wight The 1881 Suspension Pier, here in 1913, was destroyed by a 1951 storm
The structural stability of pier systems was investigated by applying incremental vertical loads to the top of the left hand pier as the unsymmetric loading conditions would provide conservative results.
This time of year, often overlooked oceanside piers have a lot to offer and at a very low cost.
Redcar pier had a vibrant dancehall with a danceband and I was always fascinated by the sound of the End of the Pier organ tunes and its music at the dances.
In 1990, the pier was severely damaged in a storm and it closed four years later.