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Naively or not I expected it to cost somewhere in the region of [pounds sterling]20 - [pounds sterling]30 to get a child's ears pierced. In hindsight, clearly I should have looked into this first.
"Last week, Ash decided to get Aaradhya's ears pierced. Abhishek too has been wanting to get it done.
Like me she decided to take her daughter to a reputable place to have her ears pierced, hoping it would prevent her from doing anything silly with a hat pin.
Elaine Davidson is the CyMost Pierced WomanCO according to Guinness World Records.
She said: "I got my belly button pierced when I was 18 and it was really painful and was sore for about two weeks afterwards."
Pop star Britney Spears shows off her pierced navel and (right) Keith Flint with his pierced nose and tongue
Also, even if you're pierced by a skilled professional who's a stickler for infection control, don't assume you're out of the woods when you get home.
Wallace Sharps, director general of Vetch, said: ``If people want to have their bodies tattooed or pierced for their own pleasure, we've got to make sure it's done safely and efficiently.
If a pretty girl is wearing a cropped top and has a pierced navel, it's very sexy.
The middle portion of the tongue had been pierced, and a bispherical stud was in place (Figure).
MY eight-year-old daughter wants her ears pierced for her birthday and I've made an appointment to have it done that day.
"The first time I had my eyebrow pierced I threw up!" The cheek is even more painful to puncture, due to thousands of nerve endings, fibers that transmit sensory information to the brain.