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A lot of people say, `Well you're just a body piercer, you just put needles through people's bodies,' but it is so much more than that.
Reputable piercers adhere to strict safety procedures to protect their customers and themselves, but as with tattoos, there are no standardized U.
The Wave Piercer is also more fuel efficient, as consumption will be the same at 32 knots as RAK Petroleum achieved with a screw-driven vessel steaming at 20 knots.
In the United States there are no standardized regulations--there's no such thing as a "certified piercer.
The Agilent Microplate Seal Piercer can be used either as a stand-alone unit, or integrated into a robotic system through the ActiveX control and RS-232 serial port connection.
You should approach a reputable local registered body piercer for details of possible training opportunities.
A POLICEMAN has been caught moonlighting as a body piercer after claiming he was on an undercover assignment.
The initial piercing of the tongue causes immediate swelling, so a knowledgeable piercer will initially place a longer barbell shank in the tongue and ask the individual to return after the tongue has healed for an insertion of a shorter barbell shank.
Tenders invited for Piercer main ram of 3780 thorizontal extrusion press as perdrg.
Victor, 43, who is a professional piercer, insists that the he and Gabriela, a piercer and body modifier, are perfect for each other and love each other very much.
When I did eventually get it pierced, two years later, the piercer (piercist?
You need very high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, good If you have good coordination and high standards of hygiene, a career as a body piercer may appeal.