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Local environmental health departments set requirements for cleanliness of piercing premises, registration of the piercer and cleansing of the equipment.
Health Minister Lesley Griffiths said: "Currently, local authorities in Wales can require cosmetic piercers to register their businesses and to follow rules relating to cleanliness and hygiene.
Head body piercer at the Piercing Emporium, Shrewsbury Street, Worcester
Take time to discuss safety procedures with the piercer.
Sarah is also a qualified body piercer, a talent she hopes to pursue further in the future, she adds: "After completing my apprenticeship this summer, I plan to progress onto the Advanced Apprenticeship in Beauty Therapy, whilst also completing a qualification that will enable me to teach body piercing.
RAK Petroleum announced that it has chartered the first Topaz Wave Piercer vessel for use in the Gulf.
Ask your piercer to pierce you with Bioplast and continue to wear Bioplast tongue and lip jewellery after your piercing has healed.
Kount's Proxy Piercer geo location tools relies on patented technology that determines the accurate location of computers being used to initiate online transactions, and provides methods for determining the true physical location of the customer's computer, even if an anonymous proxy is being used.
The Microplate Seal Piercer from Agilent Automation Solutions is a low cost automated microplate piercing station ideal for screening and compatible with a variety of seals and pin plates.
To spread the message among the young, the SCA has signed up celebrity chef, tattoo enthusiast and ex-body piercer Gizzi Erskine.
Today, we can reveal how the body piercer is among 32 Tayside Police officers who have taken up a second job.
Skills and interests To be a body piercer you should: Have good hand-eye coordination and a steady hand; have high standards of cleanliness and be constantly aware of the need for hygiene; have a knowledge of health and safety; be prepared to work on any part of the body; have good interpersonal skills to talk to clients and discuss in detail exactly what they want.