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Bloodborne Pathogens & Infection Control for Tattoo Artists, Body Piercers & Body Art Professionals” is a body art industry specific training developed in compliance with California Safe Body Art Act AB 300 - 1168 Amendment, and CalOSHA guidelines to provide the most current information and recommendations on prevention of bloodborne pathogens and highly contagious skin infections in body art establishments.
Local environmental health departments set requirements for cleanliness of piercing premises, registration of the piercer and cleansing of the equipment.
The involvement of a parent or guardian should help to reduce the impact of pressure from friends to have a cosmetic piercing, help the young person choose a reputable piercer and will hopefully lower the incidences of postprocedure complications.
Reputable piercers adhere to strict safety procedures to protect their customers and themselves, but as with tattoos, there are no standardized U.
Body piercers often combine body piercing with tattooing.
The fashion has created a real market for illegal body piercers who lack the basic hygienic necessities for what they are doing.
TATTOO artists and skin piercers are being targeted in a health and safety crackdown.
Note to unlicensed body piercers and tattoo artists: Don't go into business for yourself without going through the state first.
They include 80-something Cosmopolitan publisher Helen Gurley Brown, actress Isabella Rossellini and various models, gurus, body piercers and support-group desperadoes, all of whom have some well-earned insight into the female form.
When healed, tissue on the inside of a hole in the ear lobe leaves a scar, explains Patrick McCarthy, president of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP).