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Though widely used in malls, parts of the guns can't be sterilized, warns Weber of the Association of Professional Piercers.
Skills and interests To be a body piercer you should: Have good hand-eye coordination and a steady hand; have high standards of cleanliness and be constantly aware of the need for hygiene; have a knowledge of health and safety; be prepared to work on any part of the body; have good interpersonal skills to talk to clients and discuss in detail exactly what they want.
The number of licensed piercers in Oregon has declined from a high of 766 in 2001 to 151 in 2005, according to numbers from the state.
A: Diseases--including potentially fatal ones--can be transmitted from one person to another if piercers use unclean equipment.
Frequently, body piercers have learned their trade from "trial, and maybe error.
R) gets off to a mind-bending start with eight fascinating stories from around the world, featuring everything from cannibals in India and medicinal maggots in England to a talking dog and body piercers in the United States.
com)-- Body art professionals in Los Angeles County can now satisfy bloodborne pathogens training requirement by taking Biologix Solutions LLC's 100% online course “Bloodborne Pathogens & Infection Control for Tattoo Artists, Body Piercers & Body Art Professionals.
Ms Griffiths said: "Local authorities in Wales can require cosmetic piercers to register their businesses and to follow rules relating to cleanliness and hygiene.
A consultation revealed widespread support among piercers, the public and young people for such a move.
All tattooists must register with the local authority in which they operate and cosmetic piercers are required to be registered in accordance with local byelaws.
The European Professional Piercers' Association (EPPA) runs a voluntary register of piercers and they can be contacted on Fridays and Saturdays on 0117 9603923.