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Warren is wondrous in the role, defining her loveless marriage to Roy (Ed Savage) with lonely remorse on her piercingly ruminative rendition of "Dividing Day." She establishes a terrific rapport with the audience whenever she takes time out to let us know what she's thinking and feeling about her daughter's coltish disposition.
Foot-stamping and high-toned bickering ensuing as they piercingly debated.
" We were so many siblings ( 10 to be exact) that my mother felt nauseated by the very sight of us," Chughtai writes piercingly.
The clerk gave Amit a piercingly disinterested stare.
Images spring to mind: the flowering of the first daffodils in spring signalling that the earth is awakening from her winter slumber, fields of ripe corn swaying in the breeze on a warm summer's day in golden sunshine, frost patterns on the window and unspoilt panoramas of virgin white fields after a fresh snowfall under piercingly blue skies.
You need a constant renewal of energy because you need to keep the voice flowing." The size of the Wagnerian orchestra is not a problem here, he adds, citing conductor Vladimir Jurowski's strategy of asking the orchestra to play in two styles--the Tristan style ("playing, as they did when Glyndebourne mounted that opera a few seasons ago, deeply, gently, not piercingly") and the Beethoven style ("lighter, shorter bowing, not much vibrato, to produce a clean, lean, transparent sound").
Held up as one of art's rare commentators of history, Tuymans, a tall fast-talking smoker with a crew-cut and piercingly blue eyes, had more to say however about the political crisis threatening to break up Belgium, than the 70 oils on show.
Sachs' earlier works include comprehensive biographies of Toscanini and Artur Rubinstein, as well as a piercingly perspicacious 1982 essay on Glenn Gould (which concedes all Gould's pianistic virtues while exposing, with quiet mercilessness, Gould's fundamentally adolescent philosophizing).
It's set in Los Angeles, where residents are woken just before dawn by strange, piercingly bright lights descending from the sky.
Here the book is at its most piercingly perceptive.
Instead, in an extremely loud and piercingly dismissive voice, he was disputing the existence of a cable car which his friend had said was one of the Spanish capital''s attractions.
Though we are many, each of us is achingly alone, piercingly alone.