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It was his sweet brutality against my bruised body that made this act of love so piercingly wonderful" (148).
He is also glad to see his profiles for The New Yorker take on a new life, including his favorite profile, a piercingly insightful and haunting piece about a longtime -New York Times book critic.
He looked at me piercingly and then uttered the following incredible declaration: "This accident was God's miracle, and it saved your life.
As daylight broke yesterday, the damage caused by the massive 200 ton crane became piercingly clear for local residents and investigators who would justifiably have wondered how the loss of life was not greater by the fall of a colossal metal tower onto a hugely popular promenade.
Conservative satire flourishes in places like the Weekly Standard, particularly in the essays and articles of Matt Labash and Andrew Ferguson, and the cover art of Mark Fredrickson and Thomas Fluharty, whose paintings travestying brain-dead hippies and aging radicals are dead on and piercingly funny.
Warren is wondrous in the role, defining her loveless marriage to Roy (Ed Savage) with lonely remorse on her piercingly ruminative rendition of "Dividing Day.
Foot-stamping and high-toned bickering ensuing as they piercingly debated.
The party endured wind, rain and piercingly cold weather in the mountains.
Slightly less piercingly acidic than some New Zealand Sauvignon, it has a welcome salty finish, great with fish dishes.
We were so many siblings ( 10 to be exact) that my mother felt nauseated by the very sight of us," Chughtai writes piercingly.
The clerk gave Amit a piercingly disinterested stare.
The poem, written in 1922, remains one of the most important literary works of the 20th Century and, despite its difficulty and obscurity, feels piercingly relevant today.