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The Vatican Observatory Foundation has authorized and licensed the creation of 112 Pieta marble castings from a mold derived from the original Pieta.
For information on how to donate a Pieta to your church, hospital or school, contact Christian Johnson at Arte Divine, 1.
By suggesting the relationship between pietas and the creation and the reception/canonization of epic poetry, Wheatley announces one of the principal themes of her "epic.
For Wheatley and her "various subjects," the unconditional duty to mourn becomes the American equivalent to pietas or arete in her "epic," marking participation in "American-ness.
For Jack Wasserman, distinguished historian of Italian art and Temple University professor emeritus, the building of a single visual virtual model of the Pieta will help shed new light on the mysteries surrounding the Florentine Pieta and Michelangelo's attempt to ruin it.
For Wasserman, the proportion and details of the second Pieta are curious; some parts are excessively elongated, while others seem suspiciously small.
I am honored that God has allowed me to be a part of blessing Bishop Alemany High School with a Pieta as well as the other homes my family finds for our 11 Pietas.
Vatican approved recreation of Michelangelo's Pieta comes as a donation from Richard G.
For some, the statement in the Enchiridion - monacbatus non est pietas - embodies Erasmus's assault on the institution of monasticism and on the worth of its vows, anti-monasticism being the precondition for the reformation and a common denominator binding reformers like Erasmus, Luther, Calvin, and others.
Nanque Augustini ingenium, et facundia et ardens / Illa adeo pietas, atque amor ille boni / Hanc mentem inspirant, coeli de vertice, virtus / Unde hominum, unde Deum non moriatur honos.