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Simon Schama, who's returning with a sequel to his critically acclaimed ``A History of Britain'' in October, said of historians, ``We're all pig-headed subjectivists, really.
THE ability of motorists to behave in a pig-headed way is legendary.
But luckily Zoe seems to be made of stern stuff, branding the bullies "chauvinistic, pig-headed blokes who feel emasculated by the fact that we are stronger than them".
WHEN up to two million people, of all political persuasions and none, marched in February 2005 against the proposed war against Iraq and New Labour ignored us all, I thought Tony Blair was the most conceited, stubborn, pig-headed prime minister the country had ever had.
Instead of being arrogant and pig-headed and thinking people are just offended by his success, he should get off his delusional high horse and apologise to Mencap.
They are convinced the star would be perfect as the pig-headed chauvinist who falls for the flower seller he plucks from the gutter.
And until he does it is pig-headed political arrogance to force it to a vote in the House of Commons.
When FAW secretary general David Collins was pig-headed enough to simply say the association "conducts its business in English", there was outrage.
He's pig-headed - when he makes up his mind that's what he does and no matter how hard I've tried he's off.
insist that Mr Savill is being pig-headed, arrogant and dictatorial.
And it's a flat-out funny, dysfunctional suburban family sitcom, with an eccentrically pig-headed matriarch, a murderously wacky uncle, a dad who sees a shrink and hangs out with his crass buddies at a strip club, a mom who flirts with the family priest and kids who are hellions.
FAR from being an inspirational idea to improve services for bus passengers, moving the city centre bus stops is just the cost passengers will have to pay for Birmingham City council's pig-headed decision to extend the loss-making Metro less than one mile at a cost of pounds 25,000 per foot.