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In this case, a healthy dollop of intransigence and pig-headedness added to deadly mix.
In some ways, he's AOL's Steve Case, but he was unable to stay ahead of the curve because of pig-headedness.
I don't know if it is bull-headedness, pig-headedness or stupidity, or a combination of all that," said one members of his Conservative riding association.
David Cameron claiming he'll do everything he can and nothing is ruled out, then immediately vetoing renationalisation to save plants, is tied up in knots by his contradictions and ideological pig-headedness.
Every last one of them gone short over Christmas, thanks to the pig-headedness of the lodge.
There have long been suggestions, often encouraged by Arsenal board members, that the club were always capable of making true marquee signings but that Wenger has been reluctant, due to ethical pig-headedness and a blind loyalty towards his existing squad.
However, to say that Archbishop Chrys 2 is as obstinate as a Cyprus donkey would be unfair to donkeys because the leader of our Church is a true world champ in the pig-headedness stakes.
He impressed that ethos on his players, but also had an iron resolution bordering on pig-headedness of knowing he was right on a particular issue, and standing his ground.
I've thought of many reasons for people doing this; complete stupidity and ignorance of the Highway Code, deliberate pig-headedness and a fear of having to stop at the red light and missing the chance to go a few hundred yards further.
The IRB is risking upheaval because of its pig-headedness.
Let us just hope that their penny-pinching pig-headedness does not lead to tragedy.
David did it by a mixture of quite heroic commitment, a very high set of standards, a fair slice of pig-headedness, a truly passionate love of the horses and people around him, and nothing short of a sense of destiny.