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Legal advice leaked to the Sunday Mirror means the bill could be as high as pounds 200million - wasted because of Mr Gove's dogmatic pig-headedness.
However, to say that Archbishop Chrys 2 is as obstinate as a Cyprus donkey would be unfair to donkeys because the leader of our Church is a true world champ in the pig-headedness stakes.
He impressed that ethos on his players, but also had an iron resolution bordering on pig-headedness of knowing he was right on a particular issue, and standing his ground.
I've thought of many reasons for people doing this; complete stupidity and ignorance of the Highway Code, deliberate pig-headedness and a fear of having to stop at the red light and missing the chance to go a few hundred yards further.
The IRB is risking upheaval because of its pig-headedness.
David did it by a mixture of quite heroic commitment, a very high set of standards, a fair slice of pig-headedness, a truly passionate love of the horses and people around him, and nothing short of a sense of destiny.
But almost out of pig-headedness - probably the reason why Edu and Freddie Ljungberg had tracksuits on - Wenger persevered.
He's missed out on so much because of his pig-headedness.
But they will never forgive a man who cannot tell the difference between strong leadership and willful pig-headedness.
Footnote is the honest, self-deprecating story of how Whalley came to find those 15 minutes of fame through a mixture of determination and sheer pig-headedness.
And footballs to the FAW and their rampant pig-headedness.
On reflection maybe that's just pig-headedness, though, because my mentality normally is just to keep at it.