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GOOD DEAL: Huddersfield's hip hop collective, Extra Curricular, have signed up to Pigeonhole Records
The good news is that these physicians represent a breed of health care executive who have creatively and successfully escaped the pigeonhole.
Tom said: "Everybody will try to pigeonhole us with the whole Keane thing because of the violin It's the most emotive, evocative instrument there is and goes perfectly with a guitar, the sound is so rich.
Do you ever get nervous that being on Definitive Jux is going to pigeonhole you towards being a backpacker rapper or being perceived as alternative rap?
But it's not clear that even self-identified young conservatives fit their own pigeonhole.
But critics haven't known quite what to do with Oliver: They've tried to pigeonhole him as a folk artist, a magic realist, a surrealist, a contemporary figurative classicist, even a Pre-Raphaelite, to no avail.
Such ideas have gained Murray no small number of critics who attempt to pigeonhole him as a conservative or reactionary, but his wide-ranging knowledge of literature and culture, his keen intellect, his abundant "capacity for combining the abstract and downhome," his willingness to employ protest in the heroic tradition in his writing, and his emphasis on stylizing the Black Experience all defy easy categorization.
The stewards found that Markan, trained by Paul Cole, had interfered with For Your Eyes Only, ridden by Adrian Nicholls, around the two-furlong point and placed the misdemeanour in the major irresponsible pigeonhole.
Finally available in the UK, this Wi-Fi-connected,widget-based gadget is hard to pigeonhole.
People who pigeonhole us as hardcore--that's their loss.