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The good news is that these physicians represent a breed of health care executive who have creatively and successfully escaped the pigeonhole.
The downside is the way Fairplex Park dominates Pedroza, his success at the 5/8-mile oval seeming to pigeonhole the 40-year-old Panamanian as a minor-league flash unworthy of the best mounts at Santa Anita, Hollywood Park and Del Mar.
People who pigeonhole us as hardcore--that's their loss.
THE London-based, Irish, post-rock trio have been a hard band to pigeonhole so far, and that's probably how they like it.
They can either pigeonhole innovation or set the framework for it to occur at every level of their organization.
We want to break down the barriers where people pigeonhole you - we want to make music that both dads and their kids can relate to.
It would be a mistake to pigeonhole her into one kind of role.
They get the hardcore kids, the emo kids, the punker kids, the skaters and just about all types at their shows, perhaps because they're so hard to pigeonhole.
Instead, Coinneach proceeded to play music that wasn't so easy to pigeonhole.
Drug dealers] are businesspeople and, because of that, we cannot pigeonhole our parameters.
com), frequently have a hard time trying to describe their music to industry reps who would love nothing more than to pigeonhole them.
Stiltwalking Jazz, reggae, folk, prink--it's impossible to pigeonhole Swift's seventh album, so don't even try.