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I recognised that a dark impression had been made, that if I didn't want to be pigeonholed then it was my responsibility to do something about it.
A lot of disabled writers and journalists, myself included, go through phases where we run from disability stories because we don't want to be pigeonholed.
SLICKER THAN YOUR AVERAGE, Craig David's much-anticipated follow-up to 2001's RIAA platinum-certified Wildstar/Atlantic debut album, BORN TO DO IT, finds the UK-based vocalist/songwriter returning with an effervescent and eclectic collection that simply cannot be pigeonholed.
That ``Kate Crackernuts'' is directed by Jessica Kubzansky, the same lady who brought such period elegance to Lillian Hellman's ``Toys in the Attic'' at the Colony Theatre demonstrates that some people can't be pigeonholed.
GLBT teenagers are still pigeonholed by stereotypes and misconceptions, like media reports that we're three times more likely to commit suicide than heterosexual teens.
I do not want to be pigeonholed as only a comic book company.
Departments needing to improve incident response must be able to deploy a robust solution, and not be pigeonholed with limited mobile functionality in CAD-centric products.
However, there is a strange "queer mystique" at work here--it's reminiscent of the mainstream postwar "acceptance" that came with women receiving higher education, only to find themselves pigeonholed as secretaries.
So I've been pigeonholed some, but I broke out of it in the '70s when I produced Willie Nelson.
Companies today, especially e-companies, are beginning to realize that they don't have to be pigeonholed into expensive and archaic solutions to get the protection that they need.
They never allowed themselves to be pigeonholed but succeeded in all genres.
If I get pigeonholed as someone who can only play gay characters, then so be it.