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8) For additional details, including an analysis of the performance of this model for dating business cycles in real time, see Chauvet and Piger (2008).
2005) and Morley and Piger (2012) and using a panel of 104 countries over the 1960-2013 period, we estimate the U-, V- and L-shaped models of recovery in the context of currency crises.
Recently, Lo and Piger (2005) extend the idea to asymmetries in the response of U.
We've been in a recession since April of this year," said UO economist Tim Duy, who bases his assertion on measures used by him and colleague Jeremy Piger.
Piger, 2004, "Explicit inflation objectives and macroeconomic outcomes," European Central Bank, Eurosystem Inflation Persistence Network, working paper, No.
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Compare, for example, the findings reported in Ball and Sheridan (2003) with those of Levin, Natalucci, and Piger (2004).
Levin and Piger (2002) use an alternative measure of persistence in their analysis of inflation in the United States, namely the sum of lagged coefficients in a univariate regression of a variable on its own lags.
For example, see Howrey (2003), Kahn, McConnell, and Perez-Quiros (2003), Kim, Nelson, and Piger (2001), and Stock and Watson (2002).
Thus, a variety of models have been proposed using the National Bureau of Economic Research's business cycle data (Chauvet and Piger 2003).
She confided this much to me some years later whilst beating me on the head with Lewis and Short (a very heavy Latin dictionary) for not knowing the Latin for lazy, and repeating piger, pigra, pigrum with a blow for each case ending.