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2008; Owyang, Piger, and Wall, 2013; Wall, 2013), but it has paid less attention to differential effects when groups of workers differ in their mobility or willingness to opt out of the labor force permanently (Topel, 1986).
Dans cette foulee, les villes et les provinces ont egalement contribue a mettre sur pied un arsenal legislatif important dans lequel les policiers sont a meme de piger afin de maintenir l'ordre lors d'evenements de masse.
Piger (2004) The Macroeconomic Effects of Inflation Targeting.
This result is striking but consistent with Owyang, Piger, and Wall, who estimate a nearly -15.
To investigate the nature of the potential structural break in the real GDP growth processes, autoregressive (AR) models with Markov-switching parameters (Kim and Nelson 1999a; Kim, Morley, and Nelson 2004a; Kim, Nelson, and Piger 2004b) that allow for permanent regime shifts are fitted to the quarterly series of the six LatAm countries.
Blonigen and Piger 2014; Chakrabarti 2001; Eaton and Tamura 1994; Head and Ries 2008), so I control for the logarithm of the foreign country's per-capita GDP.
Following Levin and Piger (2003), Williams (2006), Kota (2011), Tillmann (2011), and Zhang (2011), we also use the sum of autoregressive coefficients (SARC) as another measure of the degree of inflation persistence in that SARCs approximates the long run impulse response to a unit shock.
P uddannelserne i Slagelse, og srligt p SDU, er en hj andel af piger med anden etnisk herkomst end dansk.
Dans le cas des individus ayant une foi sans abri, il est donc normal de butiner et de piger dans differentes traditions spirituelles et religieuses, puisque c'est le cheminement individuel qui fait sens et non [beaucoup moins que]l'abri[beaucoup plus grand que] ou l'institution.
Quod fronte Selium nubila vides, Rufe, quod ambulator porticum terit seram, lugubre quiddam quod tacet piger voltus, quod paene terram nasus indecens tangit, quod dextra pectus pulsat et comam vellit: non ille amici fata luget aut fratris, uterque natus vivit et precor vivat, salva est et uxor sarcinaeque servique, nihil colonus vilicusque decoxit.