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Mask has piggish nose, sometimes a bump on the forehead, with devilish and feline features.
20) In so doing, he is alluding to his departures from Jeremy Bentham and what he sees as Bentham's merely quantitatively differentiated conception of happiness, and the possibility that it allows for piggish pleasures to count equally with more refined ones--and also for the pleasures of pushpin to count for the same as the pleasures of poetry.
For my sister's TamBram, (and no offence meant to the community in general) in-laws are particularly piggish about their hygiene.
The great art historian Bernard Berenson snapped at someone who had charged Beerbohm with sloth: "That is a piggish remark .
More importantly, The Monuments Men makes a point of showing Nazis as totally evil (from a piggish officer more interested in champagne than Art to a concentration-camp commandant with zero remorse for his crimes), leaving no doubt that those orders will be carried out with relish.
The more piggish you are, like Miley Cyrus with the tongue hanging out (someone should cut it off) and Justin Bieber with his butt hanging out, the more you're adored.
Piggish German, hostile Polack, Sly Amalek, land of guzzling and gorging.
Picky or piggish, the act of eating has yielded plenty of ingredients for Miami-based choreographer Rosie Herrera to stir into Dining Alone.
The piggish bourgeoisie aptly suggests itself, as does a jab at what happens to those who consume its flesh.
Evolved to root and dig, pigs enthusiastically unearth tasty treasures, plowing and composting as they go about their piggish pleasures.
Writing in Yedioth Ahronoth, the Israeli columnist Nahum Barnea captured the basic message of the protesters: 'From a society that sanctifies solidarity we have turned into a piggish, greedy and shameless society'.