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Quite a few nasty glances were directed my piggish way as I entered the classroom.
TOMORROW Penelope (2006) C5, 1.30pm Born into the cursed Wilhern family with a piggish countenance, Penelope (Christina Ricci) has been hidden from the cruel outside world by her parents.
Sometimes he decided not to train at all, standing fixed for prolonged periods, while he proved to be piggish at the gates before both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, the second leg of the US Triple Crown.
ALL ACROSS AMERICA FERAL HOGS ARE becoming rather piggish. Fences demolished, planted fields destroyed, endangered flora uprooted, lambs and calves vanishing in the night, all compliments of portly pigs.
memories of a piggish evening with Yeats & a Molly Bloom.
Mask has piggish nose, sometimes a bump on the forehead, with devilish and feline features.
In On Liberty (1859), where Mill makes much of our human powers of individuality and of the nobility that attaches to self-chosen human endeavor, he makes it clear that although he hews to the utilitarian doctrine that he was later to develop at length in his essay Utilitarianism (1861/1863), it is "utilitarianism in the widest sense" as applying to "man as a progressive being." (20) In so doing, he is alluding to his departures from Jeremy Bentham and what he sees as Bentham's merely quantitatively differentiated conception of happiness, and the possibility that it allows for piggish pleasures to count equally with more refined ones--and also for the pleasures of pushpin to count for the same as the pleasures of poetry.
For my sister's TamBram, (and no offence meant to the community in general) in-laws are particularly piggish about their hygiene.
"'Porky's' Director not Least Bit Piggish." Montreal Gazette, 22 Mar 1982: C5.
The great art historian Bernard Berenson snapped at someone who had charged Beerbohm with sloth: "That is a piggish remark ...
The more piggish you are, like Miley Cyrus with the tongue hanging out (someone should cut it off) and Justin Bieber with his butt hanging out, the more you're adored.
Piggish German, hostile Polack, Sly Amalek, land of guzzling and gorging.