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This happened not because oral contraceptives eroded the morals of women, but because they unleashed the natural piggishness of men.
Summers, despite his political piggishness, is as smart as mainstream economists come, and his point - especially since it was written for an intimate audience - should be taken seriously.
If an "addition" to a proper name particularizes it and gives it character, then an abusive addition paradoxically subtracts "attribute" (or character) from achievements, "though performed at height." Besides piggishness and drunkenness, Hamlet addresses two other topics here--noise and character.
Paley: Well, there's a degree of conservatism, but that comes with, "What are we putting our nose out there in the world for?" It's called isolationism, which can sometimes be translated into being antiwar, and other times into piggishness.
The Iowa Republican and hog farmer, whose nose for piggishness regularly leads him to expose Pentagon waste and fraud, has announced an investigation into the trough where Dr.