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For example, in the title essay, "The Pigheaded Soul," Guriel briefly investigates the naming and organizing of a collection of poems, observing that, speaking sarcastically from a future perspective, "titles of their books are borrowed from randomly deputized poems" and that "poetry collections were organized by narrative arcs, those starchy structures that feel to us, in the 2030s, as odd and constricting as the undergarments of an earlier, more decadent age.
The NUM could have easily forced the equally pigheaded professional Jock running the NCB to binding arbitration.
She reports research that brains are deceitful, vain-glorious, emotional and immoral, pigheaded, secretive, and weak-willed, and bigots.
What politician could be so pigheaded and ignorant as to tolerate such a disgraceful state of affairs?
House Speaker Bob Johnson of Morrilton is being painted as the bad boy, but to us it looks like neither Johnson nor Huckabee was more pigheaded than the other.
There they are, in their vacuums, the eggheaded, often pigheaded sex radicals, believing first and foremost in the rightness of their precious politicization of sex, which, like so many other trendy academic models, finds its roots in Marxist theory.