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But is he wise in pressing ahead pigheadedly with what is clearly a deeply unpleasant policy?
Instead, I pigheadedly voiced several variations on "We are trying to teach a federal agency to obey the law," totally missing our prime opportunity to focus international attention onto the farmers and public economic values being jeopardized by an incredibly stupid dam, and incidentally reinforcing the impression that we were standing on a mere statutory technicality, not common sense.
With the army pigheadedly set on precisely the wrong plan of action, our guys must ally with the only people willing to help them: Allison, a smart and sexy but stumblebum government scientist (Julianne Moore, good when she's not trying to be funny) and Wayne, a clueless country club pool boy with dreams of becoming a fireman (``Dude, Where's My Car's'' Seann William Scott in - yikes - the most intelligent performance of his career).