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But desperate times call for desperate measures and the boss' pride - or some might say pigheadedness - should not be allowed to stand in the way of the nation's 2010 World Cup hopes.
appeared abruptly [at Auschwitz] not as an example of pigheadedness but as a moment of supreme lucidity, and the Jews began to believe that their stiff necks were the most metaphysical part of their anatomy.
4 million Democrats in Florida and Michigan for the pigheadedness and folly of their state and national party leaders.
Worcestershire chief executive Mark Newton's combination of blind faith and sheer pigheadedness in believing that a cricket ground could be ready to play cricket on a week after being submerged with filthy, stinking drain water.
Of course, when it comes to dissecting skeptical rhetoric (or, to be less charitable, sheer pigheadedness and bald-faced hubris), a nearly identical book could have been written a hundred years ago by Myers or James.
To a large extent, it is about negligence compounded by pigheadedness, cowardice, and callousness.
Chace and I share a certain pigheadedness, I think, and a somewhat self-destructive urge, though I'm certainly far more adjusted than she is.