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Labour MP Helen Clark (Peterborough) has condemned the Treasury's pigheadedness as 'absolutely outrageous'.
Pigheadedness, the self-serving quest for glory, and other all-too-human tendencies held in low esteem (short of theft and fraud) can therefore yield exemplary results when judged and checked by a community of peers.
There are as many thoughtful, emotionally intelligent young people out there after all, as there are oldsters so shot through with prejudice and pigheadedness that they are as astute as a bag of meringues.
Pigheadedness in the face of adversity, a commitment to the most basic of core values and, more than anything, an unmovable belief in his players.
Between us, Stephen and I have come up with a routine that works for us, episodes of teething, growth spurts and general pigheadedness notwithstanding.
I've always been a big Jose fan, finding his mixture of pomposity and pigheadedness an amusing diversion from the normal managerial mouthings.