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The problem is that Terwiel and Piker (and many scholars of Southeast Asian Buddhist Studies) see inconsistency as a problem.
Regarding the origin of federal systems, Piker claimed that all successful federal systems form from politicians' desires for territorial expansion coupled with a military threat or opportunity.
In this installment in the Star Trek Lost Era series which describe the events between the original Star Trek television series and The Next Generation series, we follow the exploits of Will Riker at Starfleet Academy and in his first posting on the USS Pegasus as well as the exploits of his estranged father, Kyle Piker We get a new look at Kyle as he wrestles with his inadequacies as a father while trying to stay alive in the face of determined assassination attempts.
So suddenly people are shocked about a relative piker like George W.
THE South Wales region of the Pike Anglers Club has Scottish piker Dominic Moore as guest speaker at their monthly meeting on Monday, February 3.
Gabi Piker, one of Netanyahu's aides, told Army Radio: "[Netanyahu] returned to the principle he stood by two years ago.
Indeed, Rube Waddell makes the modern-day Turk Wendell, with his sharks'-teeth necklace, seem a piker on the zany scale.
As it turns out, of course, Willie Sutton was a piker, and my father, unwittingly, was the prophet.
In his Conclusion, Kahn quotes William Piker to the effect that "an initial difficulty in any discussion of federalism is that the meaning of the word has been thoroughly confused by dramatic changes in the institutions to which it refers" (p.
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute--The university met a variety of strategic goals relating to technology and innovation, notes David Piker, executive director of external affairs.
The Parliament followed rapporteur Hubert Piker (EPP/ED, Austria) in amending the Eurodac Regulation raising the minimum age from 14 to 18 years.
Colorful, crowded canvases filled with all manner of contemporary English types, these comedies satirize hypocrisy and greed, exploiters and gulls, rogues and fools; as Jonson points out in the title of the last piece, the devil himself is a mere piker compared to humankind and its capacity for mischief.