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The Portadown Pikers are working hard to set up a trust fund that will help both victims' families.
The roadworks will affect Long Lane, Washbrook Lane, Wall Hill Road, Watery Lane, Oak Lane, Harvest Hill Lane, Bridle Brook Lane, Brick Hill Lane, Pikers Lane and Clay Lane.
TODAY'S WEALTHY ARE NO PIKERS when it comes to finding ways to spend money, but the bar has been set high by the old elite.
PIKE angler Robert Russell, a member of the Paisley Pikers Club, took this cracking fish from Kilbirnie Loch in one-and-a-half feet of water.
All three pals belonged to Portadown Pikers club and there was a huge outpouring of grief when David Warnock was buried on Monday at Mullabrack near his Co Armagh home.
However, it is the River Tees which has been in great form for pikers as Keith Rutter proved last week when he accounted for five fish at Yarm - three over 10lb and the best weighing 13lb 8oz, all falling to deadbaits.
Police have put up posters like the one below action: Chief Insp Jon Carter of Kirklees police's community safety department DOGGERS and pikers have returned to haunt a moorland beauty spot.
A half million pounds is being directed to Washbrook, Watery, Hawkes Mill, Oak Brickhill, Long and Pikers Lanes and Wall Hill Road.
Sure, one that today would make the Clintons look like mere pikers.
All three were linked to the Portadown Pikers angling club.
Wykeham Lakes, near Scarborough, a venue that earlier this year produced a 45lb 14oz pike to 6oz trout livebait, has again opened it's doors to pikers.