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At least 14 people were injured, one seriously, when 57 vehicles, including a police car, were involved in two pile-ups on either side of the Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Highway at Abu Samra on Thursday morning due to heavy fog.
It was reportedly the most deadly of several similar pile-ups since 1997.
SIX people were injured in an 11-vehicle pile-up on the M6 near Preston, Lancashire, around 1.
Chris Buckingham, another driver involved in the pile-up, said: "He was going the other way and what he managed to do, which has probably saved lives, is he's gone down to the end of the carriageway, gone across the roundabout and actually blocked off the road so no more cars could enter the dual carriageway before the emergency services got there.
A driver, who was travelling in a car behind the defendant, claimed the 57-year-old was not responsible for causing one of Bahrain's worst pile-ups in years.
Dave Turnbull, the fire officer in charge, said he believed up to 60 vehicles could have been involved in the pile-ups on either side of the main carriageway.
I have had fixture pile-ups before and they are a real test of the squad.
Mendoza said Fridays tend to have fewer morning commuters than other days of the week, and he speculated that a massive pile-up on the Long Beach Freeway during heavy fog last weekend might have served to remind drivers to take it easy.
Five people were reportedly injured in the second pile-up and were rushed to the nearest hospital.
In another accident at practically the same time and in the same area, four cars were involved in a pile-up near the National Motor Company showroom," said Maj
At least seven people were seriously hurt in a 16-vehicle pile-up in dense fog.
But just getting him in the pile-up is the problem.