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A total of 14 vehicles -- a car, a van and 12 trucks -- were involved in the pileup, they said.
This has been one of the worst pileups we've had on the I-10," Calhoun added.
The pileup occurred near the Virginia-North Carolina border.
He attributed the pileup to the sandstorm which reduced visibility in the open area.
Tetsuo Sakaguchi, a 50-year-old man from Ikoma, Nara Prefecture, who was driving the truck that initially blocked the road and caused the pileup, was found dead after being pinned underneath another truck.
org/article/massive-pileup-shuts-i-10-texas-dozens-injured#overlay-context=article/garment-salesman-arrested-3-ny-merchant-deaths) Associated Press that the fog in the area on I-10 where the pileup took place is extremely dense.
It says the weather was foggy and that ice might have triggered the pileup.
The passenger car and the minicar stopped just behind the heavy truck, but Matsuzaki, in an attempt to avoid the pileup which occurred in the left lane, veered to the right and collided with two buses in the right lane.
BEIJING, Ramadan 6, 1432, Aug 6, 2011, SPA - China's state news agency says a pre-dawn pileup on a southern Chinese expressway has killed 17 people and injured four.
Seven Brazilian men in a minivan were killed and three Japanese people in two other vehicles slightly injured in a seven-vehicle pileup on the Meishin Expressway in Hikone, Shiga Prefecture, early Sunday morning, police said.
Summary: Wuhan, June 20, 2010, SPA -- Five people have been confirmed dead in a massive pileup involving seven vehicles in central China&'s Hubei Province Saturday, local traffic police said.