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Killed in a six-vehicle pileup on a prefectural road in Shintotsukawa town in Hokkaido was Tamiko Watanabe, a 46-year-old clerical worker from the town of Naie, police said.
About an hour earlier, a 12-vehicle pileup took place on Route 275 in the town of Uryu, where five people sustained light injuries, police said.
Another pileup, this time involving 16 cars, occurred at around 8:25 a.
About half an hour later, a bus and an oil tanker collided in Fukagawa city, causing a pileup that involved 12 more vehicles.
No one was injured in a 12-car pileup on the southbound side of the Antelope Valley Freeway, California Highway Patrol Officer Doug Sweeney said, but it stalled traffic for more than an hour.
It had to be one of the worst freeway pileups involving trucks in recent memory.
In Wyoming, winds, icy roads and snow caused two chain-reaction pileups involving about 30 cars on Interstate 80.
Strong winds caused a 25-car pileup in Arizona and collapsed a grocery roof in Texas, killing one person.
In Arizona, a wind storm with 60 mph gusts stirred up a dust cloud that caused a pileup along Interstate 10 near Chandler, injuring 17 people, two seriously.