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Like owners of stolen art, some people perceive pilfered plants as status enhancers and evidence of a vicariously dangerous hobby.
5% profit annually, while Rs 22 billion gas is being pilfered annually
On Wednesday, the Federal Tax Ombudsman submitted a comprehensive report regarding fraud in the garb of Afghan Transit Trade, which testified that over 50,000 transit containers carrying Afghan trade goods had been pilfered inside Pakistan.
While searching for clues, he found the pilfered items hidden under his deck.
Pilfered artifacts rank second only to illegal drugs as the country's leading illicit export.
Other pilfered sources include Chris Burden's Deadman, 1972; George Maciunas's Solo for a Sick Man, 1962; and Adrian Piper's Catalysis IV, 1970, from which Newman hijacks one of Piper's fellow bus travelers and places her center stage.
Carolina chickadees in the laboratory did not put on extra weight when the scientists pilfered their seed caches, however.
He said only ten percent people in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa pay electricity bills else power pilfered.
It's not normally the supplier's problem if a container has been pilfered as it's expected that the ultimate consignee has insurance cover.
Shot glasses, ale pump clips and Guinness memorabilia - particularly the toucan - were the next most popular to be pilfered.