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The PESCO team caught them red handed while using illegal Kunda in the area, PESCO registered FIR against the power pilferers.
Metre Reader Talib Mehmood of Nawan Shehr sub-division was found guilty in facilitating power pilferer in stealing electricity.
MULTAN -- Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) team caught eight electricity pilferers in subdivision Qasba Marral during a raid and imposed Rs 510,000 fine on them, on Tuesday.
He said that massive drive against power pilferers has been launched and appealed the consumers to inform about any electricity stealing in their areas to nearby MEPCO centre or 0800-63726 so that strict action could be taken against power pilferers.
HYDERABAD -- The Hyderabad Electric Supply Company's (HESCO) crackdown continued against the power pilferers during night cricket in Ramzan.
This moron and the young pilferers are now scared of all parks.
LESCO teams caught 13 pilferers in Batapur, eight in Liaqatabad, nine in Burki and 14 in Gulshan-e-Ravi.
The pork pilferers cut through the fence at 3am and herded the six-week old piglets into a waiting truck.
Police intelligence suggests that Nuneaton and Bedworth could be seen as the next "soft target" for pilferers and pickpockets.
The pilferers were more likely to rehide their food in private.
Implying that Conceptual art is a European/US phenomenon of British birth (forget South America, Asia, and the rest) and that American artists are Yankee pilferers with no ideas of their own, her essay is an opinion piece at best; it has no place in a catalogue with scholarly pretensions.
ASTORE -- Deputy Commissioner Astore has warned strict action power pilferers and directed Wapda authorities not to show any leniency towards them.