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You can expect Andy Goode to kick deep into enemy territory in search of the touchline and then for the English jumpers to apply the pressure to the Welsh throw, with London Irish's Nick Kennedy one of the top pilferers in the Guinness Premiership.
Indeed, after his death, a pamphlet was published extolling his successes: ``By Magic Spells the Pig o' the Brook The Village Pilferer oft took; The Fortune of each Girl he knew, And if her Swain were false or true; He'd rule the Planets, too, they say, And tell both Birth and Bridal Day.
As easy to slip into the pocket as a packet of sweets but worth considerably more, battery packs have long been a target for everyone from the light-fingered warehouseman to the casual store pilferer.
Apart from Cardinal Wolsey, Prime Ministerial pet and grand pilferer of the public funds and pictures to do up his palatial quarters in Westminster?
The prolific pilferer has nearly 120 convictions for shoplifting and dozens more for violence, criminal damage and skipping bail, during her five-year crooked career.
As well as being a dominant figure on his own ball, he's also the best pilferer we've got in Wales, with his athleticism enabling him to literally steal a march on the opposition.
These were often the highest value items in the shop and the further the casual pilferer has to go to get out, the greater the deterrent and chance of being caught.
AN OLD-age pilferer has escaped with a ticking off and slap on the wrist.
The portly pilferer is facing a year in the slammer and, worse still, is being disowned by his beloved Fianna Fail.
A wry smile at the inept phone box pilferer with the brazen cheek to demand the police return his (unproven) loot, a twinge of sadness at the inveterate burglar recalling his traumatic childhood.
ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad Police have arrested six outlaws from various areas of the city including a power pilferer besides recovering
A pigeon pilferer was fined pounds 250 yesterday for luring thousands of birdsfrom Trafalgar Square and selling them for 20p each.